Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kansas Road Trip 2012: Visit Historic Bonner Springs

After a summer filled with fairs and festivals, it was good to get back on the open road for our annual Kansas Road Trip.  We've been visiting Kansas City every fall for several years and Bonner Springs has quickly become one of our favorite stops.  Bonner Springs is on the west side of Kansas City just outside the loop, so even if you are staying downtown, this historic area is just a few minutes away.  Bonner Springs is home to one of our absolute favorite stores in the country - Moon Marble - so keep checking for our post coming up soon about our 2012 trip to the moon.

Before the Moon opened, we had a few extra minutes to walk around downtown Bonner Springs, which is filled with thrift stores and antique shops that actually open early enough on a Saturday morning to check out before lunch.  Bonner Springs is a river town, so count on seeing some unique architecture.  Our first few trips to the Moon we missed downtown Bonner Springs entirely, so if you go be sure to check it out, and keep reading Josh and Joe Travels to see pictures from our favorite spots in Bonner Springs!

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