Friday, October 10, 2014

Cruisin the Heartland Car Show in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The Cruisin the Heartland car show in Elizabethtown, Kentucky is one of the biggest car shows we've ever been to, and with hundreds of classic cars lining streets it's a summer event not to be missed. Instead of being held in a park, or more often a parking lot, this show literally lines up cars on the streets of downtown Elizabethtown. And they don't stop there: every time we turned a corner there was an alley or parking lot filled with more cars. The best part is that the entire show is free to the public, so if you and your family love looking at classic cars this is the place for you. We loved all the classic Mustangs, especially the ones with the front bench seat which are somewhat hard to find these days. Even the guys from AutoGeek showed up for Crusin the Heartland, and they put on one of the biggest car shows in Florida at their home in Stuart.  And if you know anything about Josh and Joe, it's that we are a little car crazy ourselves, so if you happen to see the cleanest crown vic in the 305, be sure to wave when you see Josh and Joe Travels!