Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kansas Road Trip 2013: Lewis and Clark at Kaw Point

This year during our annual Kansas Road Trip we finally made it to Kansas City, Kansas.  Since Kansas City straddles the state line, we actually spend most of our time in Kansas City, MO, and when we are on the Kansas side we tend to be in suburban areas like Overland Park and Johnson County.  This year we signed up for a haunted history tour in downtown Kansas City, KS, which meant we got to do some exploring in a new area of town.  If you've been following Josh and Joe Travels, you'll know that we do our fair share of ghost tours, so we'll be eager to show you some pictures from the tour in another post.  We even took some pictures in a haunted cemetery, so stay tuned to find out if Joe got a picture of a real ghost, or if Josh is right about it being dust or some kind of techie camera nonsense.

But before we got on the ghost tour bus, spooky as that seems, we drove around and finally made our way to Kaw Point, which is a spot on the river overlooking the Kansas City, MO, skyline.  This is really one of the prettiest views of the skyline we've found, but we still love the view from the war memorial near Crown Center.  Kaw Point is home to the Lewis and Clark memorial, and it is worth a look even if you are not going to the river to launch a boat or have picnic.  Native American history is very important in Kansas, and you can see it everywhere, so its worth stopping here to learn a little more about Kansas and Lewis and Clark.

We still have more to show you from our Kansas Road Trip, plus we're looking forward to January when Miss Georgetown Fair 2013 Danielle Brown heads to the state pageant in Springfield.  As Queen Danielle's official photographers we'll be posting lots of pictures of state week, so keep following your friends at Josh and Joe Travels!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kansas Road Trip 2013: Moon Marble in Bonner Springs

Every year we visit Kansas City, and making a stop at Moon Marble in Bonner Springs has become a tradition.  Joe buys a handmade glass marble when we visit, and his collection is impressive!  If you are going to be near Bonner Springs during the holiday season, or if you are savvy enough to shop early, Moon Marble has a great selection of unique toys and gifts, sure to please any child or anyone on your list who is a child at heart.

Nearby Moon Marble is Bob's BBQ, where we had Friday night dinner during our 2013 trip.  Lately we've been staying at Legends where they have a lot of nice places to eat, but if you crave something local, Bonner Springs and Bob's BBQ can't be more than about 20 minutes from Legends, and the smoked corned beef is insanely good.  If you go to Bob's go put a pin on the map, and when you see a pin on the southern most point, you'll know you are on the same path as Josh and Joe Travels!