Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kansas Road Trip 2014: Kansas City Riverfront Heritage Trail

We visited Kansas City this year in the fall in what must have been one of the prettiest weekends we've every been in Kansas, so the morning we went to the city market we couldn't help but walk around the neighborhood a little and explore. Since the city market is very near the river it probably won't surprise many locals that we ended up at the Riverfront Heritage Trail, and boy did we wish we had bikes. River towns like Kansas City have a lot of history and you can read about some of it on the signs along the trail, but even if you aren't into history you'll still love walking or biking the corridor. And crossing the pedestrian bridge is an adventure of its own. Even if you think you're not afraid of heights we double dog dare you to the elevator, which even though we've heard quieter freight trains move through Emporia, it did get us up and down in one piece. The fightin' conchs tend to stick out like a crimson thumb in KC, so be sure to wave if you are on the riverfront trail and happen to see Josh and Joe Travels!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kansas Road Trip 2014: Kansas City Farmers Market

The historic City Market in downtown Kansas City is home to one of the biggest and best weekend farmers markets in the midwest, and we were thrilled to be in town on a weekend in season to check it out.  We've been visiting Kansas City for a long time but this was our first visit to the city market. We loved the long rows of vendors with fresh produce and vegetables, and it was great to see so many small local restaurants at the market, so this is the place to go on a weekend morning if you need a great snack. This place also has a bit of a flea market atmosphere, and we loved the antique cars, so there really is something for everyone at the City Market in Kansas City. Keep checking back to see what else we love to do in Kansas City when Josh and Joe Travels!