Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cruise Ships and Sunsets in Key West

Key West is always hopping with visitors, but during prime season from about Christmas to Easter things are especially busy, and a lot of those visitors come on cruise ships. Some of our friends might know that we had hoped to take our first cruise in 2017 and how we were looking forward to sailing on Empress of the Seas to Havana. Joe went to Havana years ago and is eager to visit again, and we thought cruising on the Empress was too tempting to resist. Even though things didn't work out for us to go on a Havana cruise, we still get to see a lot of the Empress because stopping in Key West is one of her most popular itineraries. Three ships in Key West at one time is a pretty busy day, and if they stay past dusk the cruise ships will block your view of sunset from Mallory, especially in December and January when sunset is early. This time of year we most often watch sunset from White Street because it is close to home, far less hectic, and parking is free and easy.

So with another year ahead of us we are still thinking about taking a cruise, even one that might visit Key West so we can see the island from a totally new perspective. Whatever 2018 has in store for us you can count on us to post the pictures right here on Josh and Joe Travels!