Friday, September 5, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Queen Desiree Bainbridge on Labor Day

As the official photographers of 2014 Miss Georgetown Fair Desiree Bainbridge, we don't just spend the week with her at the fair and take the rest of the year off.  We are part of Queen Desiree's entourage, and on Labor Day that meant we were with her in Westville for the Labor Day Parade.  And it was a bit more of an adventure than we had expected.  The Westville parade is one of the biggest Labor Day parades we've been to in recent years, and we weren't really expecting the way the crowd spills out into the streets.  So if you ever see us carrying far more gear than it looks like we could possibly need, it means we've gone with the Joe approach of taking everything because we never fully know what to expect at an event.  And if you only see us with a single camera, it probably means Josh didn't take Joe's advice.

Sure enough, we had just about every piece of gear we own in the car that day because after the parades we went back to the Georgetown fairgrounds for a portrait session with Queen Desiree.  We shot her official state pictures and a few other things for ads and promotions.  We've spent a lot of time photographing fair queens, and Miss Georgetown is the busiest fair queen we've ever met.  Queen Desiree sat for pictures for a few hours with us which wrapped up a very busy weekend of appearances and community events.  We can't wait to show you what Queen Desiree does next right here at Josh and Joe Travels!