Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tiny House Roadshow Indianapolis Indiana

We love to travel, but when we're not on the road we catch up on our favorite shows, and like many of you we've become addicted to all the tiny house shows on HGTV. From tiny house hunters to tiny house builders we've watched it all, and since we have a small home ourselves, we're pretty impressed by how creative people get with tiny houses. So when we saw the Tiny House Roadshow was going to be Indianapolis we got a small amount of cash together, loaded a tiny memory card in the camera, and planned to spend a small window of our weekend at the show.

There were approximately 15 tiny homes on display at the show in Indianapolis, and that included a few models that were more or less frames. About 10 of them were finished models, but we only got to see six because the lines were so long. Needless to say these tiny homes drew big interest. We saw some neat staff that got us thinking about smaller options for windows, cabinets and even an air conditioner that we didn't know were available, so that alone was probably worth the $12 per person admission. We saw a billboard about the Tiny House Roadshow so you might do some searching if you'd like to go when it is in your area, because we have a feeling you'll be just as excited by the tiny show as Josh and Joe Travels!