Friday, February 28, 2014

South Florida and the Florida Keys: Big Cypress and the Ochopee Post Office

We've spent a lot of time in the Florida Keys, and recently we got a chance to go out into the Big Cypress Preserve.  Joe has been studying his family history and discovered that some of his relatives lived in this area so we spent a day exploring South Florida and eventually found our way to Chokoloskee.  Along the way we found one of the smallest post offices in the country in Ochopee.

The Ochopee Post Office is downright tiny and looked like a single room  We bought a couple post cards and you don't actually go inside: there is a big sliding window that opens to the service counter when you walk up.  The place is a bit of a tourist attraction and we actually had to wait our turn to take a few pictures in front of the building, but it was worth the wait.  How often do you see the smallest post office, even if you do ride with Josh and Joe Travels?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Key West and the Florida Keys: Big Pine and No Name Pub

No Name Pub is a nice place - if you can find it.  This place is off the beaten path to say the least and if you don't wonder much past what you see on US 1 you'll never get to No Name Pub.  We like to go to the flea market in Big Pine so we went looking for No Name on a weekend afternoon.  We used google maps to find the place, but once we got there we realized it isn't exactly hidden.

Food at No Name is good.  They have a lot on their menu and the place is surprisingly family friendly.  The day we visited there was a very large family with young children seated inside.  And the silver dollar potatoes are a nice touch.  If you really like No Name you can even buy a t-shirt.  But if you want to see what covers the ceiling and walls inside, you'll have to go off the beaten path just like Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Key West and the Florida Keys: Big Pine home of Key Deer

We do a lot of driving in the Florida Keys, and we are always especially careful when driving through Big Pine, home of the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge.  You are most likely to see Key Deer around dusk - but be careful - we've seen them wonder right up to the street on US 1 even south of the traffic light.  If you go during the day you'll need to turn at the light to visit the center in Big Pine Key Plaza.  If you are willing to go a bit further you'll find a peaceful refuge, but don't expect to see many deer in the afternoon.

Speed kills Key Deer.  You'll see lots of signs warning you to slow down for the habitat if you travel in the Lower Keys.  The habitat actually has a lower night time speed limit but you can still come up on a tiny Key Deer pretty fast even at 35mph when it is dark.  So the next time to come to the other side of seven mile slow down on Big Pine and take a side trip to look for Key Deer, and try to find the nature path you see in the pictures so you can walk in the footsteps of Josh and Joe Travels!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Princess Luncheon with Queen Danielle coming up on March 8th

The Georgetown Fair Queen is one of the busiest local fair queens in Illinois, and a few years ago the Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant created an annual princess luncheon with the queen held in the spring.  This year's princess luncheon will be held on Saturday, March 8th at the Georgetown Fairgrounds banquet center where over 250 people will gather for a great day with 2013 Miss Georgetown Fair Danielle Brown.

The princess luncheon is one of the most magical moments at the fairgrounds as the banquet center is transformed into a princess wonderland.  Princesses get their picture taken with the queen before they are seated for a lunch plated on real fine china.  Queen Danielle will read a story and all the princesses will come up front to learn a dance.  We've seen a few princesses come to the luncheon more than once, but if you are new to this event check out our pictures of the event with former Georgetown Fair Queens Alexandria Hannan and Danielle Sacre.

Some of you might have already seen a few of the pictures from this year's princess luncheon photoshoot, but we couldn't help post a few more to get everyone excited about the event.  And remember the princess luncheon is just the start of a very busy spring appearance schedule for the Georgetown Fair Queen, so keep checking back to see pictures of her community appearances.  Think you've got what it takes to do Queen Danielle's job?  Young women interested in becoming a contestant need to keep their eyes on the official Georgetown Fair Queen webpage, connect with directors Karen or Jill on Facebook, and watch for us to tip you off about the informational contestant tea which will be held in July.  We can't wait to see you at the princess luncheon, because we love sharing magical moments at Josh and Joe Travels!