Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Key West and the Florida Keys: Big Pine and No Name Pub

No Name Pub is a nice place - if you can find it.  This place is off the beaten path to say the least and if you don't wonder much past what you see on US 1 you'll never get to No Name Pub.  We like to go to the flea market in Big Pine so we went looking for No Name on a weekend afternoon.  We used google maps to find the place, but once we got there we realized it isn't exactly hidden.

Food at No Name is good.  They have a lot on their menu and the place is surprisingly family friendly.  The day we visited there was a very large family with young children seated inside.  And the silver dollar potatoes are a nice touch.  If you really like No Name you can even buy a t-shirt.  But if you want to see what covers the ceiling and walls inside, you'll have to go off the beaten path just like Josh and Joe Travels!

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