Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One big step forward: spending a Saturday with friends

So after everything that has happened, we are excited to still have ways to support amazing young women at the community level, and that is exactly what we set out to do on February 12th.

We started our day at Indiana State University so see Taylor Schaffer dance with the Sparkettes. Taylor has been such an inspiration to us, and we can't imagine how we could have pulled off our 2010 pageant without her help. Taylor was the first volunteer to arrive that day, and Taylor finally left after putting the last box in the trunk of our car. Taylor spent the day demonstrating how to be a role model at the local level of a national pageant system.

Taylor is a Sparkette at Indiana State University. The Spartkettes are an elite dance team and they perform at the basketball games. We really wanted to see Taylor dance with the Sparkettes, so we went out to Terre Haute to see her. Taylor danced. The Sparkettes rock. The home team won.

From Terre Haute we crossed the state line into Illinois and spent the rest of the day doing pictures for Miss Georgetown Fair. We have been cheering on Queen Danielle since the moment she was crowned Miss Georgetown, and she will soon host a queen's tea fundraiser in March. It took us several hours with several princesses, but we got a lot of great promotional pictures.

After we did the pictures, Georgetown directors Karen and Jill treated us to dinner at the Possum Trot. So we trotted on up there from the fairgrounds for a wonderful meal in the company of Queen Danielle. We are really excited about the Queen's Tea coming up in March, and if we don't see you there, you can read about it here on Josh and Joe Travels.