Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tiny House Roadshow Indianapolis Indiana

We love to travel, but when we're not on the road we catch up on our favorite shows, and like many of you we've become addicted to all the tiny house shows on HGTV. From tiny house hunters to tiny house builders we've watched it all, and since we have a small home ourselves, we're pretty impressed by how creative people get with tiny houses. So when we saw the Tiny House Roadshow was going to be Indianapolis we got a small amount of cash together, loaded a tiny memory card in the camera, and planned to spend a small window of our weekend at the show.

There were approximately 15 tiny homes on display at the show in Indianapolis, and that included a few models that were more or less frames. About 10 of them were finished models, but we only got to see six because the lines were so long. Needless to say these tiny homes drew big interest. We saw some neat staff that got us thinking about smaller options for windows, cabinets and even an air conditioner that we didn't know were available, so that alone was probably worth the $12 per person admission. We saw a billboard about the Tiny House Roadshow so you might do some searching if you'd like to go when it is in your area, because we have a feeling you'll be just as excited by the tiny show as Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Historic Irvington Halloween Festival Indianapolis 2016

Halloween is one of Joe's favorite times of the year so hitting the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival was right up our alley. Irvington is a neighborhood just east of downtown Indianapolis and it is filled with history and a unique atmosphere that really comes alive in October. The festival is almost 70 years old and Irvington has really embraced its history - even the parts that get most of their attention during the haunted history walking tour. We've been on the ghost tours a few times over the years and this year our group must have been over 200 people. If you've been on other ghost tours you'll know that is huge so its not the up close experience with the tour guide you get on smaller tours, but the good news is they give you a really great book that tells all the stories in detail so you can come back to Irvington later to do some extra exploring.

Irvington is one of the coolest places in Indianapolis, and probably one of the best stops you can make in the midwest. If you want to learn a lot of about the history of Indiana and Indianapolis, Irvington needs to be on your bucket list. Its a pedestrian friendly neighborhood filled with winding tree-lined streets, and you'll be surprised what you find in what seems to be such a quiet residential area. If you love history and Halloween you really need to check out the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, and be sure to bring your walking shoes just like Josh and Joe Travels!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nashville Farmers Market Nashville Tennessee

We've spent a lot of time in Nashville on our trips to see the Opry, and we like to make a stop at the Nashville Farmers Market whenever we are in town. The farmers market is on Rosa Parks between Harrison and Jefferson right next to the bicentennial capitol mall state park. It is free to go to the market and free to park, and if you're like us you might look for parking along Seventh along the park.

The farmers market in Nashville is in a big modern building with outdoor pavilions, and the best part is they are normally home to one of our absolute favorite vendors - Georgia Peach Truck - so be sure to look for the Peach Truck during peach season. And if you can't make it to Nashville, with any luck you can catch the Peach Truck on tour. After you're done at the market we think you should spend some time at the bicentennial park checking out the civil war timeline. If you plan ahead the park and market is nice bike ride if you happen to be staying downtown. So check out the farmers market, and watch out for the two guys chasing the Peach Truck that are sure to be Josh and Joe Travels!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ryman Auditorium Grand Ole Opry Self Guided Tour Nashville

Nashville is home to country music and the Grand Ole Opry and we finally got a chance to tour Ryman Auditorium. We went on the self guided tour which lets you walk through most of the historic building at your own pace. The introduction is a really cool video piece so don't miss out when you go - they really do a nice job of explaining how the Ryman Auditorium became home to the Opry and is now a landmark in Nashville. If you are in town for the Opry you might check to see what shows are happening at the Ryman the same weekend. They often have bluegrass nights and country artists at the Ryman.

The Ryman is just off Broadway so it is within walking distance to a lot of other attractions like the country music museum and hall of fame. Plus on Broadway you can grab something to eat at Jacks Bar-B-Que. Jacks can get crowded but there is lots of seating upstairs and if you get lucky you can sit up front where you have a view of Broadway. So the next time you are in Nashville make sure to visit the Ryman and learn all about the birthplace of the Opry just like Josh and Joe Travels!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grand Ole Opry Nashville Tennessee

The best way we can describe the Opry is to tell you it is a chance to see country music's hall of fame come to life. We've gone out of our way to see some big popular acts at the Opry, but Joe probably remembers best seeing Loretta Lynn, and the truth is that every single show they do at the Opry is better than the last.

Lately Josh has really enjoyed the segments hosted by Vince Gill, who celebrated his 25th anniversary as an Opry member this year. When you see so many of the hall of fame legends cross the stage at the Opry you can't help but wonder who is around today that will keep things going, and with each passing show Vince Gill and the other regulars have shown their commitment to making sure the circle stays unbroken.

The Opry is a special place filled with history and we got to see how the Opry got started at the Ryman Auditorium. But we do love the Opry House and once you go we'll think you'll know why we keep going back. And if you can't be there in person you can always listen on the radio. So the next time you're on the road late on a Saturday night, find the Roadhouse on satellite and be sure to sing along just like Josh and Joe Travels!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grand Ole Opry Backstage Tour Nashville

We love the Grand Ole Opry, so on our last trip to Nashville we signed up for the backstage tour and we are excited to share these pictures with you to give you a sneak peek at what you'll see when you go yourself.

The Opry is full of history and the weekly shows are filled with members of the country music hall of fame. Lately Josh has been trying to get down to his last bad habit with Vince Gill. Joe is still patrolling the weekly lineup for his next chance to see a coal miner's daughter. One of the reasons we love the Opry so much is because of the mix of great music. No matter who is on the lineup you always get a great show.

We also remember not long ago when severe flooding had the Opry under water, but the show still went on that week, and along the tour we saw how they memorialized the flood line. And it was pretty darn cool to be able to walk across the circle and the Opry stage where it is hard not to take a moment to think about all the musicians who stand in that same spot singing some of our favorite music. We don't get to the Opry as much as we'd like, but keep and eye out for us if you happen to go, because the two loudest people behind you looking for all the gold in California might just be Josh and Joe Travels!