Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nashville Farmers Market Nashville Tennessee

We've spent a lot of time in Nashville on our trips to see the Opry, and we like to make a stop at the Nashville Farmers Market whenever we are in town. The farmers market is on Rosa Parks between Harrison and Jefferson right next to the bicentennial capitol mall state park. It is free to go to the market and free to park, and if you're like us you might look for parking along Seventh along the park.

The farmers market in Nashville is in a big modern building with outdoor pavilions, and the best part is they are normally home to one of our absolute favorite vendors - Georgia Peach Truck - so be sure to look for the Peach Truck during peach season. And if you can't make it to Nashville, with any luck you can catch the Peach Truck on tour. After you're done at the market we think you should spend some time at the bicentennial park checking out the civil war timeline. If you plan ahead the park and market is nice bike ride if you happen to be staying downtown. So check out the farmers market, and watch out for the two guys chasing the Peach Truck that are sure to be Josh and Joe Travels!