Monday, October 31, 2016

Historic Irvington Halloween Festival Indianapolis 2016

Halloween is one of Joe's favorite times of the year so hitting the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival was right up our alley. Irvington is a neighborhood just east of downtown Indianapolis and it is filled with history and a unique atmosphere that really comes alive in October. The festival is almost 70 years old and Irvington has really embraced its history - even the parts that get most of their attention during the haunted history walking tour. We've been on the ghost tours a few times over the years and this year our group must have been over 200 people. If you've been on other ghost tours you'll know that is huge so its not the up close experience with the tour guide you get on smaller tours, but the good news is they give you a really great book that tells all the stories in detail so you can come back to Irvington later to do some extra exploring.

Irvington is one of the coolest places in Indianapolis, and probably one of the best stops you can make in the midwest. If you want to learn a lot of about the history of Indiana and Indianapolis, Irvington needs to be on your bucket list. Its a pedestrian friendly neighborhood filled with winding tree-lined streets, and you'll be surprised what you find in what seems to be such a quiet residential area. If you love history and Halloween you really need to check out the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, and be sure to bring your walking shoes just like Josh and Joe Travels!