Sunday, November 26, 2017

Georgetown Fair Queen Holiday Portrait Session with Heather Simpson

We are having a lot of fun photographing Miss Georgetown Fair Queen 2017 Heather Simpson, and this year we were excited to get to do a holiday portrait session. These pictures are likely to turn up on things like Queen Heather's Christmas cards, plus some of you might already have spotted some of Heather's favorites on Facebook. Over the years we've made some really fun pictures with the Georgetown Fair Queen and these holiday theme pictures with Heather are sure to be some of our new favorites.

The fair building was being used the day we lined up to do these pictures, so Danielle Brown Turner and her family came to our rescue and welcomed us out to the farm where we set up the white seamless for this session with Queen Heather. We used our standard white seamless set up which puts four speedlights into the background, one in a large deep umbrella for the main light, and one more in a medium octa for fill, and thanks to Heather we think the pictures turned out really nice.

With any luck we'll be doing pictures with Queen Heather as she heads to the state fair queen pageant in January, so be sure to check back for new pictures of the Georgetown Fair Queen right here with Josh and Joe Travels!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Georgetown Fair Queen Portrait Session Behind the Scenes with Heather Simpson

It's been a busy fall for Josh and Joe Travels and we've made several trips to Illinois to photograph Miss Georgetown Fair 2017 Heather Simpson. As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen we are responsible for producing the queen's official portrait and headshot for use at the Miss Illinois State Fair Queen Pageant, plus we do lots of pictures with the queen for promotional purposes.

Earlier this year we shared with you some behind the scenes with 2016 Queen Sarah Sigmon, so we wanted to give you an update with 2017 Queen Heather Simpson. We've mentioned this before, but shooting white seamless on location is challenging and takes a ton of gear, but we think it is worth the effort and we can't wait for you to see some of the pictures we've been doing with Heather. In our recent shoots with Heather we've started using a large 53 inch deep umbrella with front diffusion as our main light and we like the results. We've been combining that deep umbrella with a medium octa for fill, plus you'll still see us move in the smaller rapid boxes at times. When it comes to the white seamless we've been putting four lights on the background, with two of them up high into umbrellas. The other two are low and pointed across the lower section of the background and flagged with black foamcore.

We can't wait for you to see more pictures from our recent shoots with Queen Heather, so keep an eye on the Georgetown Fair Queen website, the Georgetown official facebook page, and check back right here for pictures of Heather with Josh and Joe Travels!