Monday, November 30, 2015

Kansas City National World War I Museum and view from the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower

The National World War I Museum and the Liberty Memorial Tower have become one of our favorite places in Kansas City, and this year we finally got to go inside to visit the museum, and Joe took the trip up to the top of the tower for a new view of the KC skyline. We've spent a lot of time at the memorial enjoying the view of Union Station and downtown Kansas City. We love the Crown Center area and Union Station and the World War I Museum make it a spot you shouldn't miss on your own Kansas trips.

Inside the memorial you'll find a spectacular museum that tells the story of World War I. Even if you are not much of a museum person like Josh, you'll love how well the museum is designed and packed full of real war era pieces. If you're anything like Joe, you could easily spend a couple hours in hear reading all the signs and watching the short films. You start your journey in the museum watching a piece that summarizes the build up to World War I, and they do probably the best job anywhere of articulating America's role in the war and illustrating the impact the war had on America soldiers and their families. Bottom line: this place is really very cool.

So here are a few tips to make your trip to the National World War I Museum even better. First, the war museum opens at 10:00am daily. This can be kind of a late start for your morning sightseeing. We recommend hitting the Kansas City Money Museum, within walking distance, which opens at 8:30am weekdays and has a cool, free walk-in experience. Second, consider spending the day in the area. You can easily soak up an entire day at the museums, Union Station, and Crown Center. Remember that the Kansas City Union Station is full of museums, so if you visit with young children you'll have it made in the shade. And if you wear comfortable shoes and have nice weather you could easily walk the area and never half to move your car. Best of all, and third, there is a pedestrian bridge that takes you over the tracks from Union Station to the old freight house to Jack Stack, home of some of the best Kansas City BBQ you'll find.

So enjoy your visit to the National World War I Museum and the Liberty Memorial, and check out one of our favorite places just like Josh and Joe Travels!