Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kansas Road Trip 2012: Stroud's Fried Chicken

Stroud's Restaurant in Kansas City is famous for pan fried chicken and we love to eat with the locals when we travel, so it's no surprise that Stroud's was at the top of our list for a Sunday meal.  There are two Stroud's locations in Kansas City and we go to the one on Shawnee Mission Parkway not far from Country Club Plaza and UMKC.  We actually really enjoy the drive across Shawnee Mission Parkway, and we have a post coming up about our visit to the Shawnee Mission historic site, so keep reading Josh and Joe Travels to get a glimpse of the area before Stroud's started cooking up the best pan fried chicken in Kansas City.

Stroud's is all about pan fried chicken, and they serve it up family style, so when you go for the first time be ready for them to bring lots of food to your table.  The menu at Stroud's lets you order fried chicken to share, then get soup, salad, potato and vegetables for each person.  The first time we went we ordered separately and almost got more chicken than we could eat.  Now that we've caught on to this sharing thing we get exactly what we want and we both leave full.

The chicken is really good like you would expect from a place like Stroud's - really tender and juicy big pieces of pan fried chicken.  But if you've never had freshly made pan fried chicken be ready to wait a few extra minutes while you enjoy some of the best chicken soup Joe's ever tasted.  Josh loves the cinnamon roles.  These things come out of kitchen piping hot so be sure to save room.  Stroud's is super family friendly even though they have a great bar with big screen TVs to watch football.  The day we visited they had a big wedding party come in for a meal.  This place is affordable, too.  We shared four pieces of chicken and with tax and tip our bill was under forty bucks.

Kansas City has great food and great places to visit, so keep reading Josh and Joe Travels to read more about the best places to stop in Kansas!

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