Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kansas Road Trip 2012: Papa Bob's BBQ in Bonner Springs

We love great BBQ, so we just had to make a stop at Papa Bob's BBQ in Bonner Springs after we saw their signature "Destroyer" sandwich on Man vs Food.  We knew right away that we wouldn't be ordering the "Destroyer" - much less the "Ultimate Destroyer" which cost almost sixty bucks - but we did know we would have a great lunch.

Papa Bob's is an unassuming little white building located on K-32 lust  few miles off 435, so if you're in KC you've got no excuse not to hit this place for lunch or dinner.  The place looks small when you walk inside, complete with a lunch counter, but their is a big dining room with plenty of tables just off to the side.  And if you go back in that dining room, look for the United States map.  When we visited, we talked a bit with Bob's wife and she gave us a push pin to put on the map.  So now we're one of those orange pins near Indianapolis on the big map in Papa Bob's.  How cool is that?

Papa Bob's BBQ has an extensive menu for a BBQ joint.  They've got all the regular staples of smoked meats like pulled pork and smoked beef and turkey, plus ribs and burnt ends.  Joe got a sandwich piled high with two meats on the recommendation of our server - pulled pork and sliced turkey.  The smoked corned beef on rye was too much for Josh to resist, and the fries are just as crispy as they say on the menu.  If you've never had smoked corned beef, this stuff is awesome so don't be afraid to order it when you visit Papa Bob's in Bonner Springs.  This place is affordable for lunch.  We got out of there for under $30 including tax and tip, and they take Visa and Mastercard just in case you order more food than you've got cash in your pocket.

There is lots of great food in Kansas City and we can't wait to tell you all about it, so keep watching Josh and Joe Travels to find the best places to eat in Kansas City!

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