Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watching cruise ships come in at Mallory in Key West

Lately we've been watching more cruise ships as they come and go in Key West.  A lot of cruises stop in Key West.  We especially like the Disney Magic, and the fact that it plays When You Wish Upon a Star instead of blowing a horn when they are ready to sail.  We've seen the Magic a few times in Key West.

When the ships come in there is a ton of pedestrian traffic on Duval, and the trolley's and Conch trains are buzzing all over the island.  We're fascinated by how such a big ship can come into port, and how the Sunshine Key shuttles just buzz through a tiny opening at the docks.

The bad news is that these cruise ships can entirely block the view of sunset from Mallory Square, so if you are visiting and see a ship in port, you might get to Mallory early to get your spot.  Otherwise, you might consider watching sunset from the fort or another location.

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