Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunset in Key West

Key West is famous for sunsets.  There is a great scene in the movie Running Scared when Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines visit Key West and they repeatedly ask a tourist what everyone is watching at sunset.  At the end of their visit, there they are, watching sunset, just enjoying the moment.  Sunset is probably one of the most iconic parts of any visit to Key West.

Most people watch sunset from Mallory Square, which is at the end of Duval where all the street performers set up along the water.  Mallory is also where most of the big cruise ships come in, so on a busy day some of those boats can really block the view.  In addition to the street performers, Mallory is also a good place to pick up some local handmade Key West art.  There are several good art galleries on Duval with local Key West art.  We've started collecting Pam Hobbs prints.  We even talked with Pam at one of the galleries and she told us about how someone sold their house because of her artwork.  The buyers toured the home with the artwork in place and loved the house.  Once they bought it and moved in, they tracked Pam down in Key West and purchased new artwork.  It is a really neat story.

We try to watch sunset just about every night we are in the Keys.  We probably watch most nights from Mallory, but there are lots of places around the island to watch the sun go down depending on the time of year.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures of sunsets in October.

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