Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our October Journey

We love to travel, and as many of you know, we especially love road trips, and we have been blessed to go on many of our adventures in our 1997 Ford Crown Victoria.  The Crown Vic has been with us through a lot, through the good times and the bad, and it never once left us stranded.  Our friends have seen that sky blue Crown Vic parked everywhere from the Oklahoma State Fair to the flea market on Big Pine, and it took us and the cat and the hat back and forth to the Keys enough times that we stopped counting.  We didn't have to keep track of the miles because the Crown Vic kept track of those on its own, and you might even remember our blog post celebrating when we turned over 300,000 miles.  At about 180,000 miles, a Ford dealership service technician told us "that's half a life on a Crown."  The life of our Crown stopped at 325,000.

In September we started the process of finding our new Crown Vic, and we will be posting a lot about that process and the surprises as the months go buy.  Joe believes things happen for a reason, and even in the hard times, looks for things that give him a sign that we are making the right decision.  So when we ordered a 2005 Crown Victoria Sport in September to be shipped to Indiana, it didn't take us more than a couple weeks to take it back home to where it's first owner called home in South Florida.  There is a good chance we even shop at the same Walmart.  So while the Sport now has Indiana tags, it gets to see home a lot.

We got the Sport with about 47,500 miles, and as of this posting, we've got about 52,000.  It was a fast few first miles for the Sport, black flag and pointed South, and we could have never in a million years anticipated the coincidences we would encounter with the Sport.  So keep reading as we take you on our October journey, with a couple pictures to give you some hints.

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