Saturday, December 30, 2017

200,000 Miles of Memories and Our 2017 Year in Review

Over the years we've sure put on a lot of miles going down the road so it didn't come of much of a surprise when we turned over 200,000 near the end of 2017. Some of you might remember when we bought the Crown Victoria LX Sport, and here we are now with 200,000 miles. We didn't blog about 100,000 miles because that really doesn't even get our attention any more. The miles seem to fly by. Our last Crown Victoria took us 325,000 miles. Added to this one, that's a half million miles in our journey, which is funny considering we know exactly where the journey ends. The Sport is actually part of our blog's title image.

There have been some really cool adventures with the Sport, and some truly memorable moments. Here are a few things that stick out in our minds when we think about the last 200,000.
  1. Kansas, some of the best barbeque and Moon Marble
  2. Nashville, the Opry, the Music Hall of Fame and the Loretta Lynn Ranch
  3. Florida, Big Cypress, the Smallwood Store and the smallest post office
  4. Illinois, photographing weddings for two Georgetown Fair Queens and sitting with the family of another at college graduation, not to mention all those queen pictures
  5. The Southernmost Cat
2017 has been a hectic year for us and we are hoping for calmer skies in our future. Between hurricanes and other hardships, 2017 just really didn't pan out to the be the kind of breakout year we'd hoped, in a number of ways, so as our journey continues we might be looking at changing our path. There were some really good moments in there for sure so count on us to push forward building on that success.

So after all of these miles we sure hope there are many more in front of us, but if we've learned anything its that the road is long, parts of it are unforgiving, and persistence is rewarding. In the meantime our best advice is that "patience pays - only 3 minutes to passing zone" and please slow down in the Key Deer habitat just like Josh and Joe Travels!