Saturday, December 23, 2017

Keys Love Festival benefit for hurricane relief at Truman Waterfront in Key West

On December 17th we went to the Keys Love Festival at the new Truman Waterfront amphitheater stage, and Joe was thrilled to get to see Coffee Butler, Cliff Sawyer, Clayton Lopez, Mr. Albury and others. The Keys Love Festival was put on by which was founded to provide relief after Hurricane Irma. Even though Hurricane Irma is no longer on cable news, many Keys families are still trying to rebuild and get back to their normal lives. We were very lucky to be spared the worst of the storm in Key West, but other parts of the Keys suffered severe damage, and since the national guard and emergency workers left the Keys months ago, help is still needed in many Keys communities. We hope you might be interested in supporting the ongoing relief effort in the Florida Keys, and if you are please take a moment to visit, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or your favorite organization to find out how you can help. And remember the Keys are open for business, so shop local and help put money back into the community like Josh and Joe Travels!