Friday, August 15, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Queen Desiree Bainbridge and Court at Motocross

Motocross is always one of the biggest grandstand events at the Georgetown Fair, and its a favorite of the Georgetown Fair Queen. Motocross always happens on Friday of fair week which is one of our busiest days. This year on fair week Friday we met Queen Desiree at 8:00am in Danville to head to the Illinois State Fair for county fair day. By 5:00pm she was back in Georgetown for radio interviews, ping pong prize drop, and a fun night at Motocross. As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen, we see motocross from a little bit different perspective since we see most things from the queen's point of view. For us, one of the most important things we capture at motocross is a picture of the court with race happening behind them. If we are lucky, we catch a bike in the air and the court gets a pretty cool picture. We've still got more pictures of Queen Desiree from fair week, so keep watching for updates right here at Josh and Joe Travels!