Monday, August 11, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Queen Desiree Bainbridge at the Illinois State Fair

The Illinois State Fair overlaps with the Georgetown Fair the first week in August, and Friday is always a busy day going to county fair day and then heading back to the Georgetown Fair for ping pong prize drop. All the county fair queens from across the state meet for lunch on the director's lawn, and it is their first chance to meet each other before the state pageant in January. This year was a bit of an adventure because it rained, and rain is the natural enemy of a fair, especially a state fair. It also keeps us from getting as many pictures as we want for a lot of reasons, but we still hope you enjoy this look at Queen Desiree at the Illinois State Fair, and look for more pictures of her first week as the 2014 Georgetown Fair Queen right here at Josh and Joe Travels!