Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Queen Desiree Bainbridge at Ping Pong Prize Drop

Ping Pong Prize Drop is one of the coolest events we've ever seen at a county fair, and we've been to a lot of fairs all over the midwest. The Georgetown Fair used a helicopter to drop ping pong balls on a field for kids to pick up like an easter egg hunt, but this past year the helicopter got damaged. So the Georgetown Fair hatched a new plan, and with that plan so goes our queen. Yep, if you were at Ping Pong Prize Drop this year you probably saw Miss Georgetown Fair Queen 2014 Desiree Bainbridge go 100 feet up in the air on the ladder truck with the Danville Fire Department. And it was a lot of fun. There was a the Danville Fire Department ladder truck and another truck with about 50 feet of height, and when they both went up, the ping pong balls came raining down on the fairgrounds just like the kids expected. Miss Georgetown Fair and her court are always at Ping Pong Prize Drop, and this year we were especially glad to get Queen Desiree back on the ground after her adventure up in the sky. And for the record, Queen Desiree is far more brave than her photographers, so we took our pictures from the ground. Keep checking back for more pictures of our week with Miss Georgetown Fair 2014 Desiree Bainbridge right here at Josh and Joe Travels!