Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Key Fisheries in Marathon

Keys Fisheries in Marathon is one of our favorite places to have lunch while we are in the Keys. Marathon is the largest island in the Middle Keys and is about 50 miles north of Key West, so going up to Marathon can take most of the day, but if you go to Keys Fisheries it will be worth the trip.

Keys Fisheries is a small restaurant on the gulf side with all outdoor seating right on the water. Don't worry if you happen to be in Marathon during a rain shower because they have roll down plastic windows to keep you dry. If you are approaching from the southbound side of US 1 you will see a couple large billboards for Keys Fisheries. One of them says "Lobster Reuben" which is one of the specialties of Keys Fisheries. They even have a regular monthly contest where you can try to guess how many reubens they serve.

Hook, Line and Drinker is the sunset view bar at Keys Fisheries, which changes names about once a year.  Changing the name is actually a fundraiser they do to benefit Grace Jones Community Center.

When you arrive at Keys Fisheries there is a large gravel parking lot and you wait in line to order at a window. Each day they have a gimmick when taking your order and they'll ask you to give them a name of a celebrity, cartoon character, sports team, boat, or anything else that might have posted on a special board. The menu is big and posted on the wall so you can study it before ordering.

Most of the food at Keys Fisheries comes in red baskets. With most sandwiches you get fries and slaw, and they give you plenty of fries. Just don't throw those extra fries to the birds or thrown them in the water to feed the fish - the actually sell fish food.

All the food at Keys Fisheries is very good and very fresh, and the sandwiches start around ten bucks so you can eat here even on a budget. Josh normally gets the blackened grouper and Joe almost always gets fried conch for lunch at Keys Fishers so those come highly recommended.

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