Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fish Markets on Stock Island

One of the best parts about being in the Keys is all the fresh seafood.  There are lots of great restaurants where you can get seafood, but if you have the chance to cook your own seafood meals you'll need to find a fish market.  If you don't have a kitchen or the ability to cook but like to go fishing, there are places that will cook your catch.  Hog Fish on Stock Island will cook your catch and you can find others if you check their menus.  We like buying our seafood at Fishbusterz market on Front Street on Stock Island.  If you are in the Middle Keys near Marathon, absolutely go to Keys Fisheries - not only are they are restaurant, they are also a fish market.  Joe likes to buy fresh shrimp to make seafood alfredo, and Josh loves blackened grouper.  So if you are in Key West or the Florida Keys and have a chance to cook, look for a local fish market and enjoy your dinner!

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