Saturday, June 30, 2018

Key West Five Brothers, Charlie Macs and Key Lime Pie

In Key West and the Florida Keys we tend to take good Key Lime Pie for granted - all you have to do is make a trip to the seaport area and stop into the Key Lime pie shop to get a slice. But in the midwest most restaurants tend to serve a really odd artificially green Key Lime pie, and that's also what you are most likely to find in the grocery freezer case. If you love Key Lime pie like Joe does, don't take the Key Lime pie shop for granted during your next trip to Key West.

Charile Macs on Greene Street just off Duval has become our top spot for good BBQ in Key West. The Florida Keys aren't exactly known for great BBQ so we are happy to have a reliable spot like Charlie Macs. Joe loves the ribs and taco Tuesday is a routine favorite.

Five Brothers has been one of our favorite spots for take out for years and years, and is where Josh prefers to get his Cuban mix sandwich (all the way no mayo please). Five Brothers is a regular spot for locals but you'll see a fair number of tourists hitting the place at lunchtime. And if you really need to find Josh and Joe, if you hang out here for about a week you are bound to see one of them walk in to pick up their lunch order. So the next time you are in Key West be sure to try one of our favorite places and take a little time to relax just like Josh and Joe Travels!