Sunday, June 3, 2018

Georgetown Fair Queen Spring Portrait Session with Heather Simpson

As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen in Illinois we do a lot of pictures with the fair queen, and some of the coolest pictures we do each year are for summer advertising and promotional purposes. These pictures are shot to illustrate the theme of the fair and the pageant, and you might see them in local papers, the pageant program and of course on social media and the official Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant website.

We did this photo session with 2017 Queen Heather Simpson back in April but we tend to not put them up on our blog until the Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant directors have started using them. By now you've probably seen a few new pictures of Heather turning up on the pageant website and a few other places, and we are excited to tell you that these are the pictures are a sneak peek from our spring session.

For those of you interested in a little behind the scenes, our spring session with Queen Heather was actually a combination of several locations plus a lot of time on the white seamless set that we built out at the fairgrounds. This literally took us an entire day, and we probably spent as much time driving and building out the white seamless set as we did actually shooting. We've really loved working with Heather Simpson because she works really hard with us on picture day to create these images. Its a rewarding, exhausting day for all of us so we are very excited when the pictures finally make it out into publication. For the photographers out there, we shot the white seamless stuff with six lights including four on the background and two up front that were the main and fill lights. The location stuff got done pretty simply with single light in a small octa.

We've loved all the pictures we've done with Heather, but as the summer gets going it will soon be time for another queen to be crowned in August. If you live in Illinois in the Georgetown area and would like to become a contestant or learn how to sponsor, visit the best fair queen pageant in Illinois online at the Georgetown Fair Queen official website. Things really get going for contestants the first week in July at the queen's tea and contestant orientation, and shortly after that we'll be doing contestant headshots. It's sure to be a busy summer so keep checking back right here for new pictures with Josh and Joe Travels!