Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Georgetown Fair Ping Pong Prize Drop with Queen Sarah Sigmon

Ping Pong Prize Drop is one of our favorite parts of the Georgetown Fair, and this year we were there with Miss Georgetown Fair 2016 Sarah Sigmon. The ping pong balls drop from a Danville fire department ladder truck and a high extension bucket truck, and Queen Sarah went up twice in the fire truck followed by her first runner-up Heather Simpson. And Queen Sarah's third runner-up Emily Wise was right there with Heather when the kids rushed the field to collect their ten ping pong balls. We've been photographing the Georgetown Fair Queen for few years now and we still love ping pong drop. It's one of the coolest local fair events we've seen anywhere in the midwest, and you can take our word for it because we photographed over one hundred fairs and festivals before Miss Georgetown met Josh and Joe Travels!