Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Loveless Cafe Nashville Tennessee

Loveless Cafe is a landmark in Nashville, Tennessee, and a great place to visit if you happen to be in town for the Opry. Loveless is about a half hour drive southwest of Nashville, so keep this in mind if you fly into Nashville and are wondering if you want to rent a car. Wait times at the Loveless Cafe can be long - we stopped a couple years ago for lunch and the wait was over an hour so we didn't stick around. This time we go there around 8am for breakfast and got seated right away, but the place was full and there were plenty of people waiting by the time we finished our meal. Joe loved the fresh biscuits and the country ham, and you might look for the half order like we did since they tend to serve pretty big portions. If you do have to wait around to get seated there is actually lots to see a do in terms of the little shops in the old hotel rooms and the barn where they host weddings and special events. So the next time you are in Nashville drop by the Loveless Cafe and be sure to get some biscuits and peach jelly just like Josh and Joe Travels!