Thursday, May 26, 2016

Key West Sunset from Mallory Square in May

Most of our friends know how much we love watching sunset from White Street Pier in Key West, but you can't see the sun from White Street in the spring and summer. If you are visiting Key West for the first time, or if you just love to see all the people and street performers, a good spot to see sunset from in May is Mallory Square. To actually see the sunset you'll need to go down the pier one way or another from where most of the performers are set up, but with a little looking around you should be able to find a good spot like us. One of our tips for getting great pictures at sunset is to grab a few shots of the buildings and boats as they light up in the golden hour sun. We also suggest using the manual settings on your camera to help capture some great color by underexposing just a little, and be sure to use flash if you are taking pictures of friends and family with the sun setting in the background. We go to watch sunset just about every night, so if you happen to see us at Mallory or anywhere else on the island, be sure wave when you see Josh and Joe Travels!