Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Key West Custom House at Mallory Square

The historic Key West Custom House is one of the first buildings you see in Key West if you come in to port on a cruise, and it is the centerpiece of the seaport at Mallory Square. The Custom House was put up in the late 1800's and today it is one of the most popular historic sites on the island. Currently home to the Key West Art and Historical Society, you can tour the museum just about any day but Christmas for a small fee. The Custom House is one of Joe's favorite buildings in Key West and he has some pretty wild stories about his adventures there as a young Conch. One of the new additions to the Custom House is Robert the doll peaking out the window. If you've watched many shows about haunted places or follow any ghost hunters you might have heard about Robert the doll, but if you haven't just hook up with one of the haunted history tours in Key West on your next visit. So take a look at these pictures and the next time you are in the Keys try to find the same angles of the building by standing right in the same spot as Josh and Joe Travels!