Friday, May 31, 2013

Nashville and Antique Archaeology in Marathon Village

We love to travel so it probably comes as no surprise that we really enjoy watching Frank and Mike on the History's Channel's American Pickers.  We love traveling those same back highways where Frank and Mike often find the best stuff, and on a recent trip to Nashville we had a chance to visit the new Antique Archaeology store in Marathon Village near downtown.

It took a bit of driving around to find Marathon Village even though we were using a GPS map, plus you can actually see the big Marathon building from the interstate, which we actually parked under to keep the car cool.  Keeping the car cool was important because when we stopped on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend there was a long line stretching out the door of the shop.  We heard some people in line saying they'd never had to wait to get inside, but because History had been airing a marathon of American Pickers and the show had such a great following, spring vacationers like ourselves had apparently flocked to Antique Archaeology in Nashville.

The store is really cool, and it is in a super cool district near downtown Nashville.  Just don't walk in expecting some huge antique mall.  The store is about 2,000 square feet and is filled with more t-shirts than antiques.  Good news is you get to see firsthand some of the best pieces Mike and Frank have found on American Pickers.  Visiting places like this is how we like to do it when Josh and Joe Travels!

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