Monday, October 1, 2012

Kansas Road Trip 2012: Rosedale BBQ in Kansas City

Kansas City is famous for great BBQ and this year we really wanted to try some of the local favorites.  Early in our 2012 Kansas Road Trip we stopped at Bandanas BBQ in Kansas City which is a chain restaurant with really good food but doesn't quite have the local flavor we love.  For truly incredible BBQ you have to go someplace small and local, and Rosedale BBQ has some of the best food you'll find in Kansas City.

Rosedale BBQ has been in business since 1934 and serves ribs, burnt ends and sandwiches.  If you are really hungry you might be tempted to go straight for the "belt buster" three meat sandwich, but trust us when we say that you will leave this place full no matter what you order.  Joe got the long end ribs with fries and corn nuggets and Josh got a burnt end sandwich with beans, and we got more food than we could eat.  Standing in line in front of us was a couple who are Rosedale regulars.  When Joe heard them ordering ribs and asked if they prefer the long or short ribs, we found out they'd been eating a Rosedale pretty much their entire lives.  So on their recommendation Joe got the long ribs.  He got five meaty long ribs, smoked to perfection, piled high on a plate of fries stacked so high Joe had to asked if the corn nuggets were down there somewhere.  And they were, down there somewhere, beneath the slices of bread, gigantic ribs and the pile of fries.  Josh's burn end sandwich was an equally big portion, with tons of lean burnt end meat piled on a bun.  The side of baked beans was enough for two or three people to share and were mild and tasty.  You order at the end of the counter when you come in, fill your own sodas and sit where you can find an open table.  We paid right around twenty bucks for all our food including drinks and tax, and we got more authentic KC BBQ than we've ever had in our lives.  Rosedale comes highly recommended, especially if you love ribs, burnt ends and have a hearty appetite.  So the next time you find yourself in Kansas City wanting a good meal, get off the beaten path and eat like king, or at least eat as good as Josh and Joe Travels!

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