Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kansas Road Trip 2011: Moon Marble

"Thanks for coming out to the moon!" is what the people at Moon Marble Company always say to us as we ring up our purchases after spending over an hour agonizing over which handmade marble we will take home from this amazing store in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

We first went to Moon Marble a few years ago, and now we've made going to the moon a regular stop on our annual Kansas road trip.  Moon Marble has an incredible selection of toys - definitely some of the neatest stuff you will find anywhere, including classic toys like slinkies and even kaleidoscopes.

But the really special thing they have at Moon Marble is handmade marbles.  So for people who have lost their marbles, this place is probably the best shot you have at finding it.  Joe has made it a tradition to buy a new handmade marble each year, and he has really take to the designs of Bruce Breslow, artisan and owner of Moon Marble.  At the moon you can even watch a marble-making demonstration, often hosted by Bruce, where you sit on old school gym bleachers and see a new marble get created right before your eyes.

Handmade marbles at Moon Marble Company can be had for only about $40, so they really are one of the most special gifts you will find.  No two are ever the same, so they made an incredibly personal gift.

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