Monday, October 10, 2011

Kansas Road Trip 2011: Enjoy Eudorafest!

Enjoy Eudorafest!  We were lucky to stumble upon Eudorafest on our way to Lawrence.  We normally pass by Eudora but had never stopped but this year we spotted closed streets and what looked like a car show, so we grabbed the camera and found a place to park.

We first saw a couple big trucks and sports cars, but when we got closer, we saw a really cool classic yellow school bus.  We've been to a lot of car shows in lots of places but we've never seen a single bus at a show.

As much as we loved the bus, Eudora fest had a lot more to offer.  It was a beautiful day for a great small town festival.  The main street was lined with booths, and kids were lined up to get their faces painted.  We saw the cake walk going on and a really tall cowboy strolling the festival.

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