Saturday, August 4, 2018

Georgetown Fair Queen Turn Back Time with Heather Simpson

Heather Simpson will crown the winner of the 2018 Miss Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant coming up in just a couple days, and we can't believe how fast the past year has flown by with Queen Heather. These pictures are some of our favorite moments with Heather Simpson and if you are at the pageant on Monday night of the fair we bet you'll get to hear Heather talk about a few of them. Queen Heather's year has been more about the journey than the destination, but now that we're here we can't help but think about how Heather embraced her job as queen to make her year an unforgettable adventure. And pretty cool we got to be there to take pictures of some of it.

Earlier this year we had a chance to do a special photo session with a few of the former Georgetown fair queens, and Heather is soon to join that club (if you missed those pictures online you might stick you head in the fair office and look for them on the wall). We hope Heather's year inspires the next Georgetown Fair Queen to make the most of her year of service, because if you've seen anything from Heather, being Miss Georgetown Fair is probably the best job in Illinois. And if you want to see who follows in Heather's footsteps to become the next Georgetown Fair Queen, keep checking back right here with Josh and Joe Travels!