Saturday, August 12, 2017

Georgetown Fair Queen Heather Simpson at 2017 Illinois State Fair County Fair Day

The first Friday of the Illinois State Fair is County Fair Day, and one of the special events is a luncheon on the director's lawn for all of the local fair queens and directors. Its not just about queens at the luncheon because they also give out some special awards. This year Georgetown's Bob Fender was recognized for 30 years of volunteer service to the fair. So if you wonder why we travel so far to work with Georgetown, its because they have people like Bob Fender.

As the official photographers for Miss Georgetown Fair Queen 2017 Heather Simpson we got a few pictures of her with the other fair queens, including one shot with at clydesdale that had us back and forth to opposite sides of the state fairgrounds in less than an hour. And we got the most important shot of the year - Queen Heather with the butter cow. Which maybe doesn't seem like much and is a long walk on the grounds, but its one of our traditions, and we've photographed a bunch of Georgetown fair queens with the butter cow. Queen Heather has a lot planned this fall and we are excited about doing her official portrait and state headshot, so be sure to follow Queen Heather right her with Josh and Joe Travels!