Sunday, June 25, 2017

Woodruff Place Flea Market Indianapolis Indiana

The first weekend in spring is a great time in Indianapolis because there are so many events happening around town. One of our favorites is the Woodruff Place flea market, which is an annual community yard sale on the near east side of Indianapolis. The flea market is on Saturday and Sunday, and the historic neighborhood can become a congested area when the yard sale crowds show up, but if you look around you can normally find street parking within a few blocks. You can find a lot of the typical yard sale items at the Woodruff Flea Market, but there is also normally a good selection of furniture. We saw a set of mid century chairs for sale, and later that week we saw the exact same chairs in a remodeled home on HGTV, so you can find some cool stuff. And if you want to make a day out of it, start at Woodruff, then hit the Indy Urban Flea and the Midland Antique Market which are both nearby. Be sure to say hello if you happen to see a great mid century find being loaded in the car by Josh and Joe Travels!