Monday, June 20, 2016

The Tropic Cinema in Downtown Key West Florida

The Tropic Cinema has got to be one of the most iconic spots in downtown Key West, and if you check out much local Key West art you are likely to see the Tropic and the iconic Marilyn Monroe statue pop up quite a bit. The Tropic is right in the heart of downtown on Eaton just off Duval. Even if you aren't headed to a show, look for the people taking pictures with the life-size Marilyn Monroe statue out front. The Tropic might look historic, but it is actually a retro designed cinema that went in around 2004 and is actually in an old factory space. The Tropic is the perfect place to chill on a hot day and they tend to show a pretty good variety of films. On your next visit to Key West consider taking in a show at the Tropic, and be sure to wave if you see Josh and Joe Travels!