Saturday, February 28, 2015

Danielle + Luke E-Session - Springfield IL Danville IL Engagement Photography

Over the years our cameras have taken us to some pretty incredible places and put us in amazing positions to capture important moments in the lives of the people around us, but most important to us are the relationships we build with our fair queens. We had an incredible year covering Miss Georgetown Fair 2013 Danielle Brown, and we were honored when she asked us to be her wedding photographers. Danielle Brown quickly found a special place in our hearts - maybe because of how hard she worked to represent the Georgetown Fair, maybe because of how much we love the entire Brown family, or maybe because she is just that super cool. Throughout Danielle's year of service we also got to know Luke, the constant gentleman who turns out to be the smartest guy at U of I for proposing to Danielle.

So while we mainly post pictures from our personal travels and adventures with the Georgetown Fair Queen, we couldn't help but share a few pictures from Danielle and Luke's fall engagement session. We photographed Danielle and Luke in Springfield at U of I and at the family farm near Danville. Its going to be a great year and we can't wait to photograph Danielle and Luke's love story on their special day this fall. So if you happen to see two guys gushing over how happy they are for Danielle and Luke, be sure to wave because its got to be Josh and Joe Travels!