Friday, March 21, 2014

Barry Meguiar and the 2014 Autogeek Detail Fest and Car Show in Stuart, Florida

We spend a lot of time in our car, so we take a lot of pride in keeping it looking good.  And lately we've really gotten carried away with the car detailing hobby.  Turns out there is a whole community of car crazy nuts out there, and thanks to the internet, we can find fellow detail buffs at Autogeek.  Autogeek is a gigantic retailer of car detailing products, plus they teach the art of auto detailing and host the web's biggest discussion forum on detailing.

We really love using Meguiar's products to keep the car looking great, and we use Meguiar's exclusively, so when we heard Barry Meguiar himself was going to be at the big 2014 detail fest and car show at Autogeek, we just had to make the trip to Stuart, Florida to be part of the action.  And while we didn't enter our own car in the show, we did spend the afternoon marveling at some of the best looking cars in Florida.  And did we mention we got to meet Barry Meguiar and got an autographed picture?  Of course he asked if we were car crazy, but we also chatted for a minute about the Keys.  We were so starstruck we forgot to mention how we love the durability of the Ultimate line or the deep wet gloss we get from the Gold Class line, or how paste wax changed Josh's life.  And if you have an extra hour on your hands, just let Joe give you some pointers on how Endurance tire gel can keep you looking good all week until your next two bucket wash.  So yep, call us car crazy if you want, but we got to meet Barry Meguiar.  The next time you see the cleanest crown vic in the 305 with insanely clean wheels and that deep glossy shine, you can call us car crazy, or you might just call us Josh and Joe Travels!

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