Thursday, November 29, 2012

Around town in Key West

Key West has sure changed a lot over the years, and we were really sad to see Fast Buck Freddy's on Duval close, especially before Fantasy Fest and New Years.  Fast Bucks always did the best window displays on party nights.  But to be honest, we party less and less in Key West and instead prefer to enjoy the slow pace of island life.  We like have lunch at places where we can sit on the water, and we don't mind going to dinner at Siboney more than once a week.  We are looking forward to the construction at HOB wrapping up soon, due largely to the white construction dust that is impossible to keep off the car no matter how many times you wash it (such as our record five washes in a ten day stretch).

We've been reading in the paper about possible developments on Rockland Key, and after seeing two Five Guys Burger and Fries open up in Key West, we are optimistic about new businesses coming to the Keys.  Still, we were really sorry to see Albertson's grocery store close because they were open all night and had really good prices on the things we buy most.  So if you haven't been down in a while get ready for some changes, plus a big road construction headache.  But if you do happen to stop by Key West soon, you are sure to enjoy the slow pace of island life, and you'll see how Josh and Joe Travels!

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