Sunday, August 5, 2012

Georgetown Fair Queen: 23 Compete to be the 2012 Georgetown Fair Queen

On Sunday, August 5th we were on hand at the Georgetown fairgrounds to photograph a pageant contestant tradition: the contestant fair walk.  The fair walk is a visit to the fairgrounds by all the contestants competing to be the next Georgetown Fair Queen.  The contestants spend an afternoon on the grounds visiting the exhibit buildings, touring the livestock barns, and even washing cows!  One of these women will soon call the Georgetown fairgrounds home, as she will spend the entire week there as the official hostess of the Georgetown Fair.

We hope to see you this week at the 2012 Georgetown Fair.  We'll be easy to spot - just look for the queen and her court and we won't be far behind.  In honor of 2011 Georgetown Fair Queen Alexandria Hannan, this year's pageant theme is "Hunting for a Queen," so if you don't make it to the pageant on Monday night be sure to look for Alex's new sign in the show arena.  If you know Alex the camo sign will jump right out at you, but if you need extra help, savvy readers will spot it in a few of our pictures.

We can't wait to find out who will be the 2012 Georgetown Fair Queen!  The 23 contestants will have a full day before the pageant with private interviews and speech competition, so be ready to cheer for your favorite contestant at the grandstand Monday night.  And check back here to see pictures of 2012 Georgetown Fair Queen winner and her court!

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