Monday, March 21, 2011

33 albums later: our version of 27 dresses

So this weekend we actually counted.  We counted the number of photo albums we gave away during calendar year 2010 in the course of our volunteer work with pageants.  In the process of preparing and updating our annual reports, sometimes we stumble upon a number that might actually mean something.


We gave away thirty-three albums and photo books during 2010.  We spent a lot of time planning and assembling the books.  We gave away quite a few custom 6x6 and 8x8 photo books, and it comes as no surprise that about half were our favorite Kolo noci and capri brag books filled with carefully selected prints.  These thirty-three albums are our own version of 27 dresses, that is if they were all in one place.

And that 33 doesn't include the copies we made for ourselves.  Those books are incredibly special keepsakes, along with a few treasured items from a very special time in our lives.

We've already made a few this year to give away, and we are underway with a few more.  As Josh and Joe travels, so do the albums.

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