Monday, October 12, 2015

Kansas City and Moon Marble in Bonner Springs

Of all the places we travel, Moon Marble in Booner Springs, Kansas, is one our favorite places to visit. Our trips to the Moon have become an annual tradition, and we've been collecting handmade marbles from the Moon for about ten years. Those marbles are like our trips - not a single one can ever be exactly alike no matter how hard you try. If you've been following the blog for any amount of time you've likely read all about Moon Marble, but don't forget that in addition to the one of a kind handmade marbles, Moon Marble is also one of the coolest independent toy stores you'll find in the country. So make sure you stop at the Moon, and don't forget to ask if we buy more marbles made by Ernie or Bruce if you bump into Josh and Joe Travels!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Cincinnati Union Terminal is incredible, and while it still serves as the city's hub for Amtrak, it also serves as the museum center. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal houses the history museum, children's museum, science museum and even an omnimax theater. Union Terminal is also home to the Cincinnati Library and Archives, so this is a spot with lots to see. Union Terminal's architecture features one of the largest half domes you're likely to ever see in the United States, plus the Rockwood ice cream parlor and Winold Reiss mosaics are impressive details. And while you're there, you'll notice a unique perspective on the city skyline. Opened in 1933, Union Terminal is one of the best examples of art deco style in the midwest, so be sure to drop by if you are in Cinci, just like Josh and Joe Travels!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cincinnati and Findlay Market

This year we've had a lot of fun exploring Cincinatti and Newport, and once we got away from the shopping malls and interstates we are having fun hanging out with the locals. You might remember when we stopped to check out Bobby Mackey's and Newport at the Levee, and it was on that same trip to Cinci that we went to the Findlay Market.

Findlay Market is a historic farmers market right in Cincinatti - it has actually been continuously operated since 1855, so if you are looking to see something really special, don't miss a chance to see Findlay Market. The market is all about fresh, locally grown food and promoting local business - just the kind of thing we love to see and support.

And if you've been following Josh and Joe Travels for longer than ten minutes you know how much we love good barbeque, so it won't surprise you that one of the things that led us to Findlay Market was Velvet Smoke BBQ.  This place is a local favorite with stellar reviews, so if you are hungry at the market and love smoked meat, check out Velvet Smoke. If Velvet Smoke isn't your thing, you'll have no trouble finding a great fresh snack at the market. The place was hopping when we dropped by, so grab something to eat, pull up a chair and spend a few minutes at Findlay Market, and be sure to say hi if you see Josh and Joe Travels!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Georgetown Fair Queen: Fair Week Portraits with 2015 Queen Sierra Dicken and Court

The 2015 Georgetown Fair was one of the best yet, and we can't wait to see what they put on the schedule for next year's fair. 2015 Miss Georgetown Fair Sierra Dicken and her court had a busy week, and on the last day of the fair we found a few minutes to do some pictures with Queen Sierra's fair week convertible sponsored by Toyota of Danville, and we got lucky with a few night pictures in the midway.

As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen we stay pretty busy in Illinois, and we also get a lot of questions about how we do our fair queen coverage. We plan on posting some behind the scenes stuff for photographers interested in the equipment we use, how we develop our coverage strategies, and stuff like that. In the meantime, here is a quick look at our fair week by the numbers:

1,500 is the approximate number of miles we drove back and forth from Indianapolis to Georgetown. Starting with fair family dinner, we went out six times in ten days. 36 is the number of rechargeable AA batteries we burned through on pageant day. If you happened to notice Joe handling a double flash rig at the pageant, we hope to talk a little more about this and our gear later. 11 is the number of posts we put up about the Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant in the month of August. In these posts we've shared about 100 pictures you won't see anywhere else. 4 is the number of camera bags, on average, that we took with us on each trip the Georgetown Fair.

After a busy week with the Georgetown Fair Queen, we're looking forward to sharing some of our other trips, and we've got some behind the scenes stuff to share with you, too. So keep checking back often and be sure to wave if you see Josh and Joe Travels!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Georgetown Fair Queen: Around the Fair with 2015 Queen Sierra Dicken and Court

The 2015 Georgetown Fair was the best yet, and we bet one of the best moments for Miss Georgetown Fair 2015 Sierra Dicken had to be getting to hold a baby kangaroo at the petting zoo. Let's face it - it's good to be queen, because Queen Sierra and her court get a fair experience unlike any other. This year we had a great group of contestants, with lots of new faces and a few of our favorite contestants returning from last year. For young women in the Georgetown community, we hope you remember some of these pictures when it comes time to enter next year, because being the Georgetown Fair Queen truly is an experience of a lifetime.  And Queen Sierra is just getting started.

With tons of scholarships and awards, the Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant is not just about a single winner. You might remember how every contestant walked in the Fourth of July parade and got the chance to go on the fair walk. The queen pageant is a chance to see the fair from a perspective you probably won't get any other time in your life, so we hope to see lots of new faces on the Georgetown Pageant stage next year. Until then, keep watching for more updates right here at Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2015 Miss Georgetown Fair Queen Sierra Dicken and Court at Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby at the Georgetown Fair is one of the biggest nights of the fair, although queen pageant directors Karen and Jill are proud they do a pretty good job, too, when it comes to filling the grandstand. But come demo derby night our pageant stage is long gone and the queen and her court are on hand to help demo derby sponsors pass out hats and t-shirts in the crowd. This year Miss Georgetown Fair 2015 Sierra Dicken even got to help award the best looking demo car, and the entire court took turns swinging a sledge hammer at one of the cars before the derby got underway. And we still have more fair week pictures to share, so keeping checking back right here at Josh and Joe Travels!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2015 Fair Week with Queen Sierra Dicken and Court

Fair week in Georgetown wouldn't be complete without a few special contests for kids, and Saturday afternoon we were at the fair with Queen Sierra Dicken and her court for the longest ponytail contest and the pedal tractor pull. The ponytail contest is always popular, and we were especially impressed with the turnout for the pedal pull. We've still got more pictures from fair week to share, so keep checking back for exclusive pictures right here at Josh and Joe Travels!