Friday, July 18, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: Behind the Scenes at Practice with the 2014 Contestants

Being the Georgetown Fair Queen is a big job, so it's no surprise that the contestants start practicing about a month before the fair week pageant. There are a lot of pageants out there where young women simply show up and compete, but at Miss Georgetown, directors Karen and Jill work hard to make sure everyone young woman is at there best when they finally hit the stage.

We visited a practice just in time to see the contestants working on interview skills and speech competition. If you haven't read some of our post from the Illinois state fair queen pageant, fair queens in Illinois compete in interview, speech and on-stage question, so there is a lot of substance in addition to the things you see on stage like evening gown and swimwear. In Illinois agriculture is very important, and we think Miss Georgetown Fair 2013 Danielle Brown's agriculture knowledge was a big part of what made her a state finalist. But it isn't enough to just know about agriculture - you have to be able to talk about when you make appearances and spend a week at the fairgrounds. Interview and speech help develop those skills.

As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen, we are having a blast this summer with Queen Danielle and we can't wait to see who she crowns at the pageant in August. Be sure to follow Queen Danielle and the 2014 contestants right here at Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: Danielle Brown visits the 2014 Champaign Fair Queen Pageant

On Saturday, July 12th we were with Miss Georgetown Fair 2013 Danielle Brown as she traveled to Rantoul for the 2014 Champaign Fair Queen Pageant. This year they had five young ladies competing for the title and Madison Frerichs was crowned the 2014 Champaign Fair Queen. Queen Danielle knew Julianne Wallace, the 2013 Champaign Fair Queen, since they competed together at the Illinois state fair queen pageant this past January. Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Summer Robbins was there to assist in the crowning and to remind everyone that Florida Georgia Line will be at the Illinois State Fair this year.

The Champaign Fair Queen Pageant always takes place a few weeks before Georgetown and we can't wait to find out who will be the next Georgetown Fair Queen. Queen Danielle has had a pretty big year as a state finalist and one of the most active local fair queens in the state and we are excited to see her crown the next Miss Georgetown Fair Queen in August. To follow all the adventures of the Georgetown Fair Queen keep checking back right here at Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: Potomac July 4th Parade

Being the Georgetown Fair Queen is a busy job, and this past weekend we were in Potomac, Illinois with Miss Georgetown Fair 2013 Danielle Brown for their annual Independence Day Parade. We've photographed the Georgetown Fair Queen in a few parades, but this one was special because Queen Danielle was joined by the contestants competing to be Miss Georgetown Fair 2014. The contestants will be making appearances and attending practices throughout July, so keep checking back for more pictures.

Queen Danielle kept to her agriculture roots and instead of riding in a convertible she decorated the ranger and let directors Karen and Jill drive while she walked with the contestants. Between the gigantic crown and the flags it was hard to miss the Georgetown Fair Queen. And you'll probably remember meeting them because they were handing out tons of candy and America flag lapel pins.

The Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant delivers an unrivaled contestant experience and it will all come together in August when the 2014 queen is crowned. We've had a blast this year with Queen Danielle, and we can't wait to find out who will be the next young woman to represent the Georgetown Fair. If you see us taking pictures of Queen Danielle and the contestants, be sure to wave when you see Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: 2014 Queen's Tea with Danielle Brown

On Saturday, June 28th we were at the Georgetown fairgrounds for the 2014 Queen's Tea.  The Queen's Tea is a contestant orientation event and kicks off the summer for women hoping to become the next Georgetown Fair Queen.  We've had a blast this year with 2013 Miss Georgetown Fair Danielle Brown and we can't wait to see who is crowned the 2014 queen in August.

Over the next month the contestants will spend time at practices and making appearances in the community, and we'll be with them for several events so watch for pictures right here at Josh and Joe Travels.  As the official photographers of the Georgetown Fair Queen we will do the official contestant headshots very soon, and we'll also be with Queen Danielle at the Potomac Independence Day Parade.  It sounds like directors Karen and Jill are planning something special for the parade this year so be sure to check back soon to see the pictures!

Think you've got what it takes to do Queen Danielle's job?  If you want to be a contestant this year you need to get in touch with directors Karen and Jill and see if there is still time to enter.  The contestants will have a lot of fun this summer so be sure to check back often to follow their journey right here at Josh and Joe Travels!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio

If you know anything about Joe, you know how much he loves jets, fighter jets especially, so its a wonder it took us so long to to get to the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. We spent a few hours in the museum, mainly in the cold war gallery, and we can tell you this place is even cooler than it looks on the website, and our pictures really don't even come close to doing this place justice. And be sure to thank Uncle Sam when you walk into the most insane collection of Air Force history and don't spend a dime on admission. The Air Force Museum has no admission charge.

The museum is really very impressive, and you'll have a great time looking at all the planes even if your not a fighter jet buff like Joe. The galleries are absolutely jam packed with jets of all shapes and sizes, and just walking through you get a good look at real American history. More important than the jets are the people who flew them and history of America's modern Air Force. There is a ton of history in these galleries, so come prepared to be awe struck by the planes, but be sure to take a minute a sit and watch the videos and wander through the history exhibits.

Upon entering the museum we were told that we could probably not see everything in a single day even if we raced through.  So plan to spend at least a few hours when you visit, and if you love it as much as we do, plan to make a couple more visits so you'll be sure to see everything. And if we have one tip: don't come hungry. There is no food or water allowed inside, and we couldn't find a single snack shop, so show up with a full stomach so you don't get distracted and have to leave early in search of lunch. This is a great trip for families, and we'd suggest packing a picnic lunch and keeping it in the car in a cooler so you don't have to leave the grounds. So put the US Air Force Museum in Dayton on your travel list, and watch out for Josh and Joe Travels!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Georgetown Fair Queen: Danville D102 Easter Egg Hunt with Miss Georgetown Danielle Brown

On Saturday, April 19th we went out to Danville to spend the day with Miss Georgetown Fair Danielle Brown. Our day started at 8:30am eastern when we left Indianapolis to get to Neuhoff Broadcasting in Danville by about 9:30am central. The Georgetown Fair Queen is at the Neuhoff Broadcasting Easter Egg Hunt every year, and we were there to get pictures of Queen Danielle as she got the kids started in three of the biggest patches you've ever seen.  The Neuhoff egg hunt is one of the biggest with thousands of people on hand. We like to get there early so we can get a reasonable parking place because lots of kids turn up early to see Ronald McDonald do his magic act before they are set loose to gather eggs.

After the Easter appearance we spent the afternoon doing promotional pictures of Queen Danielle. You'll starting seeing these soon as Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant directors Karen and Jill send out contestant information. Thank you've got what it takes to the job of Miss Georgetown Fair? Queen Danielle is the busiest local fair queen in Illinois and we are eager to meet all the contestants this summer. For more info get in touch with Karen and Jill or keep watching Josh and Joe Travels!